Our Coaches and Staff

Jared Stein

Co-Founder and Head Coach

Hailing from the best state in the union, New Jersey, Jared comes to the fitness scene as a recent transplant from the corporate world. Trading his MBA in for the barbell, he brings an uncanny fire to his training and an athletic functionality to the work out that has you begging for one more round. Being the eldest of five siblings, Jared has found that fine balance between big brother and enforcer while leading class. Out of the gym, Jared enjoys a full fitness prescription between rowing class, indoor cycling, and yoga as well as his beloved New York Mets and perusing the East Village.

CFL1, CFL2, CF Masters CF Flexibililty, CF Scaling, 
CF Kettlebells, CF Gymnastics, USAW; MBA

Cavan T. Valance

Director of Member Services 

A tried and true New Yorker, Cavan was born in Manhattan and grew up with a lacrosse stick in his hands on the north shore of Long Island. A very athletic family lead Cavan to be involved in a multitude of team-based athletics.
A major turning point for Cavan was when he gained over 50 pounds in his freshman year of college. When he started Crossfit he discovered his passion for fitness all over again. He’ll tell you “fitness saved my life” and consistency and focus were what paved the way. Cavan is an attentive and enthusiastic coach with a real “can do” attitude that inspires others to challenge and surprise themselves every time they step foot into the gym.

CFL1, CFL2, CF Gymnastics, CF Kettlebells, 

Nick Novak

Head Barbell Coach

Novak eats, sleeps and breathes Olympic Weightlifting. Having trained under some of the best coaches in the US and abroad, most recently Russian Champion Vasiliy Polovnikov, he strives to transfer that knowledge to both Crossfitters and Olympic weightlifters alike. If he’s not getting under the bar he enjoys riding anything with two wheels, playing with his French bulldog Bruno, or catching the latest Hollywood film, good or bad, with his beautiful wife.

CFL1, USAW Club Coach, Attitude Nation L1, and Catalyst Athletics certifications. 
He’s also trained under some of the best coaches in the US and abroad, most recently
Russian Champion Vasiliy Polovnikov.

Stephanie Rodriguez

Steph represents Brooklyn but was raised out in Queens, so get ready to crush some weights to old school hip hop beats! She’s a food loving, beer chugging, kettle bell swinging SOB. Steph grew up playing a variety of sports, but her passion lied in softball. Her love for sports is what encouraged her to get into fitness. She’s a die hard Yankees fan and cannot tolerate Met fans. Thinking about the Mets actually allows for her to aggressively attack the barbell. Cleans and handstand push ups all day everyday! Just don’t ask her to run. Unless she’s running for beer, then she’ll run.

CFL1, CFL2, CF Kids, CF Gymnastics, USAW; 
MS in Sports Management

Adele Jackson-Gibson

Adele Jackson-Gibson is a CrossFit L-1 trainer from Buffalo, NY. She fell in love with CrossFit four years ago after she retired from collegiate athletics. Her background is in soccer and track and her proudest achievement in health and fitness is bouncing back from a torn ACL. The secret? Ask her and she'll tell you. CrossFit might've had something to do with it.


Will Arrufat

Will Arrufat, I’m originally from Puerto Rico residing in Brooklyn NY. I have been a personal trainer and group instructor since 2006. I got into Crossfit in 2015 and I fell in love with it right away. I always love a good challenge and Crossfit challenged me to become a better person physically and mentally. My specialization is in Core, Functional, Flexibility, Strength, KettleBells, and Training. My natural interest in and love of fitness began at a young age, from playing sports to working out at the gym. I was the first one on the field and the last one to leave the gym, striving to constantly better my skills, improve both mentally and physically, and to exceed expectations. This drive, determination, and devotion are what led me to begin my career as a Personal Trainer and Group instructor. To change the lives of each person that I meet Is what makes my job exciting and makes me COMMITTED TO FITNESS!

CFL1, CF Gymnastics, and CF Kids

Megan Norregaard

Raised in Boston, coach Megan found her passion for coaching while completing a service year in LA. She moved to Brooklyn in July of 2017 and found her home here at WillyB. She started Crossfit in 2015 when her sister dragged through the doors and is proud to say her entire family is now devoted to the sport! When’s she’s not at the box, Megan can be found enjoying the casual drink or achieving the perfect tan

CFL1, CF Kids

Beau Whitman

Beau specializes in gymnastics and has 12 years of experience and a spot on the U.S. Junior National Team to back it up. He’s also a former state champion and top 10 nationally ranked high school pole vaulter. Later, while attending Lehigh University, he competed in Division I’s track and field. It was during college that Beau discovered CrossFit and saw it was a great way to balance Olympic lifting and his gymnastics training.

CFL1, CF Kids, CF Movement and Mobility, CF Gymnastics, CF Barbell,  and CF Strongman

Abbee Bailey

Texas born & raised; I have been doing CrossFit for several now and before that was a gymnast for 10 years! I love coaching CrossFit for the small victories that lead to the big ones I get to see in my classes every week!

CFL1, and CF Gymnastics