220 NEWELL ST, 41 MESEROLE ST, 667 GRAND ST, BOWERY (285 GRAND ST, NY) – Buns and Guns

Barbell Z Press (4-6reps X 1 set; 3-5reps X 2 sets)

TEMPO: 4141

SUPERSET with Single Arm Dumbbell Upright Row

Single Arm Dumbbell Upright Row (6/arm X 3)

TEMPO : 2121

REST: 90Sec

Dumbbell See Saw Press (6-8/ arm X 3)

SUPERSET with Supinated Pull Up Isometric & Supine Toes 2 Bar

REST: 2min/superset

Supinated Pull Up Isometric (30-50 sec X 3)

– Break Up if needed and accumulate the time prescribed

Supine Toes To Bar (8-12 Reps X 3)


100 Sit Ups (Time)

For time, 100 Sit Ups

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