220 NEWELL ST, 41 MESEROLE ST, 667 GRAND ST, BOWERY (285 GRAND ST, NY) – Buns and Guns

Deadlift (3×20 @ 50-60% – Double Overhand)

Bentover Row (3×20 @ ~50% of Deadlift working weight)

Nordic Hamstring Curl (3×8-12 )

Choose to work hard. Keep the hips neutral and let the hamstrings WORK. Very easy to cut the movement short and save yourself some discomfort while also wasting your own time. Choose strength!!

Banded Face Pull (3×15)

Barbell Curl (4×21 @ Bar)

7 Reps Bottom Half Only

7 Reps Top Half Only

7 Reps Full Curl

Partner takes the bar while you rest. Bar does not touch the floor.

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