220 NEWELL ST, 41 MESEROLE ST, 667 GRAND ST – Buns and Guns


Strict Press (Heavy 3, Drop 10% x3-5, Drop 10% x5-8)

Lying Tricep Extension (4×8)

Starting Strength style combination skull crusher and pull over.

Barbell Curl (Lopsided Pyramid)

Start with an empty bar (tech, 15kg or 20kg). Add 1-5 kilos per set, 5 reps each set until no more can be added. Then start working down in 1-2 kilo drops, starting with 6 reps and adding two reps every set.


20kg (Bar) x5

25kg x5

27kg x5

29kg x5

30kg x5

28kg x6

26kg x8

24kg x10

22kg x12

Bar x 15

Dumbbell Shoulder Complex (1 Min on, 30 Sec off, 4 Rounds)

1 Dumbbell in each hand

1 Dumbbell Hammer Curl

1 Dumbell Strict Press

1 Standing Tricep Extension

Reverse the movements back down.

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